We have the latest “Smart Phone” compatible gate operators!!



We have high tech gate operators that are smart phone and computer compatible. These new operators communicate over the internet and are able to send you an alert when they open or close. The gate can actually send you a text message or e-mail when it opens or closes. Example 1. You are out of town and receive a message from your gate that it opened, time to call the neighbors to find out who is at your house.
Example 2. You can receive a call from a friend or service worker while you are away from home and want to let them in without giving them a code or remote control. All you have to do is open your “free’ smart phone app and click on the open gate button.
This is the hottest selling operator available. It comes with a 7 year residential / 5 year commercial manufacturer warranty. Service is covered by Liberty Gates LLC for the first year.

Please call to find out more about these amazing devices.